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Roger Brown began his driving career at 11, driving a truck, pulling a hay wagon while three men, including my father, loaded baled hay on a 160-acre ranch in Banning, CA. Picked cotton two seasons starting at 12. Next driving job at 15 delivering sand, gravel, and building supplies with a dump truck in Topanga Canyon. It was larger 18-wheel rigs moving livestock, logs, locomotives, and heavy equipment, including rigs with 9-axles and 120 ft. in length. Cleaning up railroad train wrecks brought me to equipment operating, including 100-ton cranes. I fought forest and wildland fires during 55 years operating dozers and excavators. Worked as a diesel mechanic for several trucking companies and offshore oil drilling platforms—packed mules for three seasons in the National Parks.

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Travel was instigated at an early age; by 19, I had been to forty-seven states and four foreign countries. At 53 took early retirement, bought an ocean blue water sailboat, and set out on an epic voyage for the past 28 years.

In between all of this designed and built timber homes in the California Sierras, and the blacksmith work and designed and built straw bale homes in Central Mexico and built roads in the jungle along the Mexican Coast. Currently, I have published my new book “Traveler from the Past”. Read this book to experience my traveling and life experiences.