Traveler from the Past


Adventurer & Explorer Biography

Come along and join my friends and me in traveling to almost 70 countries on an adventure that spans a lifetime in my book “Traveler from the Past”. Experience sailing Tropic Tramp, a 53-foot Gaff rigged Ketch sailboat around 15,000 miles from British Columbia to South America and across the South Pacific. Experience outstanding diving and fishing. Come along on a seven-month Walkabout from New Zealand thru Indonesia, SE Asia, and experience several treks in the Himalayas, Tibet, and China. Years exploring Mexico by sea and road. Come to work on an offshore drilling platform, log in the forest, haul livestock, clean up train wrecks across the West. Fight forest fires with heavy equipment that spanned 55 years. Ride along while hauling heavy construction equipment on 7 and 9 axle rigs.


Experience designing and building numerous timber and straw bale homes in California and Mexico. I’ll share what it’s like to be a diesel mechanic. Feel the shock of building a road in the jungle and coming upon a 12-foot Boa Constructor or looking up and seeing a Mountain Lion sitting within 10 feet above while walking thru the jungle. Experience restoring numerous antique trucks and machinery. I’ll share packing mules in the national parks, come along for the ride and keep me company. Dive into the captivating odyssey of “Traveler & Explorer Biographies” and join me on a journey that spans the globe and a lifetime of extraordinary experiences.

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